#108: Roaming the Streets of Levittown With Cara Cartney

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This week, the PIC are joined by special guest, Cara Cartney! We met Cara at Broken Goblet where she performs every First Friday and at the time of this recording was days away from accomplishing a dream of performing Jagged Little Pill with a live band! In this laughter filled episode, we talk about Cara’s various musical gigs, her unique branding, whether Cara works during the day, and Chrissie once again hates on Bucks Co. As usual, we end the show with a rousing Game Called Something where we learn about the “Levittown Barbie” and the episode goes off the rails in the best way possible. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!

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Topics Discussed:

- First Friday’s at Broken Goblet

- The Jagged Little Pill Show

    - https://www.brokengoblet.com/event-details/cara-cartney-and-the-seven-band-perform-jagged-little-pill-2022-12-02-20-30

    - https://fb.me/e/2lUTmeSJ0

- Branding is Important

- Cara Sometimes Works During the Day

- Roaming the Streets of Levittown

    - Open Mic at Sparky’s

        - https://www.caracartney.com/?pgid=jvq2h3a9-7dcb20ae-0bbc-4198-9a2f-3bfb425c7afa

    - Open Mic at The Temperance House

        - https://www.caracartney.com/?pgid=jvq2h3a9-adfae385-7f96-48a6-b936-cc8f939b4dbf

- A Game Called Something

    - Cara Want’s Peace on Earth

    - AGCS: What is something you learned from your parents?

    - AGCS: What is your favorite thing to cook?

    - AGCS: Travel Goal?

#108: Roaming the Streets of Levittown With Cara Cartney
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