#110: Permission to Be Myself With Lorne Behrman

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Steve is trying to recover his podcast voice after a bout of the CRUD, so this week Miss Chrissie is running the show solo! Thankfully, the uber-talented Lorne Behrman is back for the third time to talk about his latest full length album, "A Little Midnight," how he's now living the drama-free band lifestyle, what it's like being a frontman, and more! Plus, Chrissie has new questions for A Game Called Something and did you know Lorne has been in TWO movies!? All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!

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Topics Discussed:

- Lorne’s full length album, “A Little Midnight,” released

    - https://lornebehrman.bandcamp.com/album/a-little-midnight

- Lorne’s journey from CA to NYC

- About Lorne’s next album, “Blue Love”

- Lorne’s drama-free new band!

- Being a frontman

- Upcoming live shows

- Lorne is no longer guitar monogamous!

- A Game Called Something

    - What is a job you would suck at?

    - What is something you do the old fashioned way?

    - What is something you enjoy cooking?

- Lorne’s Summer of Sam story

- Lorne’s IMDB

    - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0067102/

- Follow “Lorne Behrman” on Spotify or Apple Music

    - https://lornebehrmanmusic.com

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#110: Permission to Be Myself With Lorne Behrman
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