#112: Summer Vibes With Dom & Jesse

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Technically, Steve's voice is back, but it's still a little rough at the time we recorded this most excellent pod with the very interesting and talented, Dom & Jesse. With the tag line, "Summer All Year," Dom & Jesse are a double-threat pop act that can play an impressive live show before bringing the beats as an up-and-coming DJ act. With excellent heads for branding and business, these two were a ton of fun to talk to about mentorship, music, surviving the pandemic, the promise and peril of Omegle, and much more. As usual, we end with some very entertaining rounds of A Game Called Something where you will learn that yes, Steve needs a new wardrobe. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!

Topics Discussed:

- Welcome Dom & Jesse

- Dom & Jesse’s Epic Broken Goblet Set

- Conception of Dom & Jesse

- World Cafe Live Show

    - https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/7373900/dom-jesse-philadelphia-the-lounge-at-world-cafe-live

- UArts & Hustling

- Omegle & Pandemic Survival

- Music & Branding

    - https://www.domandjesse.com/music

- A Game Called Something

    - AGCS: What is the perfect theme song for you?

    - AGCS: What is your favorite piece of clothing the you own or have owned?

    - AGCS: What is your favorite beverage?

- World Cafe Live Show - Feb 17, 2023

- Where to Find More Dom & Jesse

    - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@domandjesse

    - TickTock: @domandjesse

    - Insta: @domandjesse 

    - Web: https://www.domandjesse.com

Theme Music: "Off My Mind" by Dom & Jesse

#112: Summer Vibes With Dom & Jesse
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