#113: An Eclectic Talent With Tony Flagiello

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This week, the PIC are joined by the creator of the Elkins Park Eclectic Talent Show, percussionist Tony "Catastrophe" Flagiello. Tony has had an eclectic career as a touring artist, dance class dummer, Red Bull promoter, and more! Tune in to learn about the coolest new talent show in the area and stay for anecdotes like the time Tony managed the shipping of Gwen Stefani's clothing line or what's it like to be 6'4" in a hip-hop band in Japan. Then, in a rousing Game Called Something, we learn the terrifying extent of Chrissie's caffeine addiction and Steve rants about electric cars. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!

Topics Discussed:

- Welcome Tony “Catastrophe” Flagiello

- EP Eclectic Talent Show 

    - Tuesdays, 6pm - 9pm at Creekside Market & Tap, Elkins Park, PA

    - By Elkins Park train station

    - All ages

- Tony the Percussionist 

- The origin of Tony “Catastrophe”

- Six Degrees of Ed Foley

    - The band was “Mayor Foley and the Broken Promises” 

- Jenkintown, but not Jenkintown 

- UArts/Dance Class/Bands

    - Alex & the Kaleidoscope band (kid’s band)

    - Fat Head Band

- Tony’s other hosting gigs

- A Game Called Something

    - AGCS: What is a job you would be terrible at?

        - Tony was in charge of shipping Gwen Stefani’s clothing line!

        - W magazine photo shoot

        - Quit to tour Japan for hip-hop band. Summer Sonic, 2005-ish

        - Worked for Red Bull promoting with can car

        - Chrissie drinks panera liquid crack

    - AGCS: What kind of car do you drive, and why?

        - Tony drives a Nissan Murano after getting rear-ended on Broad St.

        - Chrissie drives an Outlander because of a third row.

        - Steve drives a Sonic because it’s a hatchback and cheap.

        - Tony used to sell cars.

- Where to find Tony

    - FB: Tony Flagiello

    - IG: @phillybeatalliance or @tony.flagielo

*Opening theme: KUSH, by Tony Flagiello.*

#113: An Eclectic Talent With Tony Flagiello
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