#114: Dinosaur Butts With Broad Street Appeal

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This week, the PIC are joined by Nick, Chris, and Caleb of the recently formed band, Broad Street Appeal. A self-described alternative emo pop punk band, this trio impressed us with their unique takes on classic songs of our long ago youth. In this conversation, you'll learn about the origins and philosophy of Broad Street Appeal, why Steve hates ABBA, and in a glorious A Game Called Something, insights are gleaned about coffee, bidets, and doing things the old fashioned way. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!

Topics Discussed:

- Pre-Show: Dinosaur Butts

- Welcome Broad Street Appeal  

- The Broad Street Appeal Difference

    - A rock twist on the usual formula

    - Steve hates ABBA

    - Chrissie hates Weird Al

- The Origin of Broad Street Appeal

- Goals for the band?

- Steve’s Beer Recommendations

    - https://brokengoblet.com

    - https://humanrobotjenkintown.com

- A Game Called Something

    - What is your most used emoji? 

    - More than you ever wanted to know about bidets

    - What is something you do the old fashioned way?

- Where to find Broad Street Appeal

        - IG: @broadstreetappeal

        - FB: @broadstreetappeal

        - Web: https://broadstreetappeal.com

- Post-Show: The TP Crisis Could Have Been Avoided

#114: Dinosaur Butts With Broad Street Appeal
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