#119: The Jenkintown Night Market With Ben Bergman

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In this episode, the Partners in Crime are joined by returning guest, Ben Bergman, to talk about big things coming to the Jenkintown Night Market this year as well as his other efforts in "experiential retail." Then, in a rousing "A Game Called Something," we learn about the seasons, shopping for podcast equipment, and Steve rants about buying a used router while drinking at Broken Goblet. All that and more...LIVE from the 19046!

━ Video Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━

00:00 Intro - We're Gonna Be OK

00:56 Welcome Ben Bergman to the Pod!

02:07 The Jenkintown Night Market

04:18 Market Vendors

07:53 Summer Music Series

10:30 Parking & Other Details

13:43 Before the Plate Movie Experience

16:21 Lilly's Indian Food & Karaoke Nights!

17:50 A Game Called Something!

20:23 AGCS: What's your favorite season?

28:40 AGCS: What's your favorite purchase?

35:17 Steve Rants About Routers

40:42 The Wrap Up!

42:51 Outro - The Rescue Party

━ Topics Discussed ━━━━━━━━━━

- The Jenkintown Night Market

- https://egreenevents.com/jenkintown-night-market-1

Find out about Ben's events at https://egreenevents.com

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#119: The Jenkintown Night Market With Ben Bergman
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