#120: Making Art on an iPad With Kotaro Fujita

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JAG Cast | Episode 120

The PIC are back and the pod gets a new name! We welcome returning friend of the show, Kotaro Fujita to this inaugural JAG Cast to talk about creating digital art, especially with iPads. Learn about Kotaro's journey to become the amazing app designer/developer he is today. There is some fun reminiscing about app design trends, the original Sim City game, and the early days of the iPad. The discussion then goes in more depth on specific tools that can be used to create static art, animation, and even get something into the App Store. Don't miss the links this week! Finally and expectedly, a rousing A Game Called Something goes off the rails with tangents about identifying the nature of Grimace the purple McDonald's mascot as well as unironically using the phrase, "touching grass." We're getting better at this video thing! I think.

━ Video Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━

00:00:00 Opening Theme

00:01:20 Introductions

00:02:03 JAG Cast Re-Brand!

00:03:00 BrainFest 10 at Broken Goblet

00:05:00 Welcome back, Kotaro Fujita!

00:08:48 Kotaro’s Designer/Developer Journey

00:24:08 Evolution of iOS app design trends

00:30:58 Creating digital art on the iPad

00:34:17 Kotaro’s Procreate art

00:37:30 Animation tools on iPad

00:39:22 Getting into apps as a designer

00:47:09 A Game Called Something

00:48:44 AGCS: Favorite birthday party?

00:52:14 WTF is Grimace?

00:54:56 “Touching Grass”

00:57:55 AGCS: Weirdest food you’ve eaten?

01:06:26 The Wrap-up

01:08:05 Closing Theme

━ Topics Discussed ━━━━━━━━━━

- Re-branding to JAG Cast

- BrainFest 10

- https://give.abta.org/fundraiser/4479963

- https://www.kufknotz.com/

- Kotaro’s Designer/Developer Journey

- Sim City Memberberries

- Evolution of iOS app design trends

- Creating digital art on the iPad

- https://procreate.com/

- https://flipaclip.com/

- https://callipeg.com/

- Getting into apps as a designer

- iMessage Sticker Packs: https://developer.apple.com/imessage/

- iPad Pro Video/Audio Apps

- Final Cut Pro: https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro-for-ipad/

- Logic: https://www.apple.com/logic-pro-for-ipad/

- Possible Apple AR/VR Headset

- WWDC23: https://developer.apple.com/wwdc23/

- A Game Called Something

- Find Kotaro at https://tomatoboy.co and http://phillycocoa.org

🎸 Theme Song, “The Rescue Party” by E.Joseph and the Phantom Heart.

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#120: Making Art on an iPad With Kotaro Fujita
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