#128: Raise Your Glass With Righteous Jolly

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This episode, friend of the Garage, Righteous Jolly, returns to talk about his new album, "What's In A Name," and so much more! Tune in to hear stories behind the music, our mutual lifelong affection for Wawa, and what the heck is with the mannequin in Righteous' basement? Plus, Steve gets rid of a potbelly stove, Righteous tells a story involving a couch, and Chrissie explains the origins of Jenkintown! Then, we somehow end up in an impromptu "7 Wonders of Jenkintown" watch-along before we wrap things up with a couple of rounds of "A Game Called Something." This is another episode best experienced in video format!

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━ Video Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━

00:00 Intro Theme

00:35 Introductions

01:40 Welcome back, Righteous Jolly!

02:59 "What's In A Name" Album Discussion

14:16 A Wawa Podcast

17:30 "What's In A Name" Album Discussion, Part 2

20:23 Mannequin Stories

23:33 Potbelly Lamp Story

27:27 Righteous' Couch Story & Technical Problems

29:50 Doyles-Time!

32:03 All About Jenkintown

34:47 Impromptu "7 Wonders of Jenkintown" Watch-Along

42:49 A Game Called Something

44:40 AGCS: What's the Perfect Theme Song For You?

49:28 AGCS: What is Something You Miss From Your Childhood?

54:45 Where to Find Righteous Jolly?

57:40 The Wrap-Up

59:24 Outro Theme

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Righteous Jolly's first episode (audio only): https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/jagcast/episodes/111-Whats-in-a-Name-With-Righteous-Jolly-e1tqrdn

Listen to "What's In A Name?" on YouTube! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mZliGF9IYPo0CO8TF-D3kDeWaURek6ZHM

Where to find more Righteous Jolly

- FB: ⁠https://www.facebook.com/JollyRighteous⁠

- IG: ⁠https://www.instagram.com/righteous_jolly_actor/⁠

- ⁠https://righteousjolly.bandcamp.com

Watch "The 7 Wonders of Jenkintown (According to Chrissie)" https://youtu.be/GaS6BrMuLJg

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#128: Raise Your Glass With Righteous Jolly
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