#138: How to Start a Yoga Studio With Miss Chrissie

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Learn from Miss Chrissie what it takes to start a Yoga studio as the PIC discuss the impending launch of Chrissie's latest business venture, Joy Movement Arts. How did she make the website? What business software did she choose? How will JMA distinguish itself from the competition? Learn all this plus some office desk drama and a random cat interruption! It's a short and sweet episode all "about growth and yoga and calmness."

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Joy Movement Arts


━ Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━

00:00 - Introduction

00:56 - What is Yoga?

02:13 - Why a Yoga Studio?

06:00 - Creating the website on Wix

11:53 - Choosing and setting up WellnessLiving

23:07 - Distinguishing JMA from the competition

26:50 - Office desk drama

29:03 - Cat Interruption

31:41 - When is JMA opening?

32:39 - Widgets and website APIs

33:33 - The Wrap-Up

35:38 - Pod Theme Song

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#138: How to Start a Yoga Studio With Miss Chrissie
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