#140: A Soundtrack of Togetherness With Joe Montone

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Joe Montone has been bringing live music to communities for over 14 years. With a soon-to-be-launched nonprofit called Stage United on the horizon and the third year producing the Abington Art Center's Summer Concert Series about to begin, Joe is making waves in the regional live music and performance scene. In this episode, we talk about concerts, air guitar competitions, the amazing Tile Works venue, creating a nonprofit, and more. Joe is doing fantastic things for the Doylestown and Jenkintown/Abington communities and we think you'll be as excited as we were to learn what cool events he has cooking this summer. You'll want to watch until the end for a fun A Game Called Something that will finally reveal why Steve would be a terrible Walmart greeter.

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Stage United (Joe's Nonprofit!)


Joe Montone on Instagram


Abington Art Center Summer Concert Series Info


Picnics on Pine


━ Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━

00:00 - Introduction

01:25 - Welcome Joe Montone

05:28 - Abington Art Center Summer Concert Series

14:25 - Picnics on Pine / Doylestown Music Scene

21:20 - Upcoming Events

27:56 - Stage United Nonprofit

37:00 - A Game Called Something

38:33 - AGCS: What is a job you would be terrible at?

46:01 - AGCS: What was your first concert?

55:47 - Where to find more Joe Montone?

57:23 - The Wrap-Up

59:09 - Pod Theme Song

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#140: A Soundtrack of Togetherness With Joe Montone
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