#142: Danceology of Hip Hop with Clyde Evans, Jr.

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Clyde Evans, Jr. is the Director of Education at the International Museum of Dance and a Hop Hop instructor at Drexel University. He joins us to talk about an amazing project he recently presented called the "Danceology of Hip Hop," an attempt to codify the evolution of Hip Hop dance expression. Part of this work involved creating 3D volumetric recordings of several dance moves that you can learn via AR! Open the links listed below on your phone! This was a fantastic conversation that epitomized our mission at the JAG to explore the "intersection of the arts and technology."

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━ Episode Links ━━━━━━━━━━━

International Museum of Dance


Learn to Dance via AR (open on your phone!):

"Reject": https://museumofdance.8thwall.app/moded-a/

"Roger Rabbit": https://museumofdance.8thwall.app/moded-b/

"Running Man": https://museumofdance.8thwall.app/moded-c/

"Spongebob": https://museumofdance.8thwall.app/moded-d/

━ Chapters ━━━━━━━━━━━

00:00 - Introductions

01:45 - Welcome Clyde Evans, Jr.

02:13 - Teaching at Drexel University

05:39 - Danceology of Hip Hop

43:24 - Where to find more Clyde / Danceology

44:40 - The Wrap-Up

46:36 - Pod Theme Song

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#142: Danceology of Hip Hop with Clyde Evans, Jr.
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